Department of Applied Biological Chemistry

Biofunctional Chemistry

Plant Molecular Physiology
  • Molecular and cellular biology of plant responses and tolerance to environmental stresses
Faculty name
Mizoi, Junya (Associate Professor)
Biological Function and Developmental Chemistry
  • Molecular-cell biology, neurology of taste signaling and biochemistry of food proteins
Faculty name
Misaka, Takumi (Associate Professor)

Agricultural Chemistry

Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology of bioactive compounds such as invertebrate peptide hormones, microbial secondary metabolites and compounds regulating biomineralization
Faculty name
Takayama, Seiji(Professor)
Fujii, Sota (Associate Professor)
Kato, Yoshinobu (Assistant Professor)
Organic Chemistry
  • Organic synthesis of bioactive natural products and their derivatives for the elucidation of bioactive functions or the practical use
  • Development of new reactions for efficient synthesis of optically active substances
Faculty name
Takikawa, Hirosato (Professor)
Ogura, Yusuke (Associate Professor)
Okamura, Hironori (Assistant Professor)
Chemical Biology
  • Chemistry, physiology, and molecular biology for plant growth regulation
Faculty name
Asami, Tadao (Professor)
Nakajima, Masatoshi (Associate Professor)
Nakamura, Hidemitsu (Assistant Professor)
Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer
  • Plant nutrient transport, metabolism, responses to nutritional conditions and nutrient stress-tolerance
Faculty name
Fujiwara, Toru (Professor)
Kamiya, Takehiro (Associate Professor)
Sotta, Naoyuki (Assistant Professor)
Soil Science
  • Soil microbiology for sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation
Faculty name
Senoo, Keishi (Professor)
Otsuka, Shigeto (Associate Professor)
Masuda,Yoko(Assistant Professor)
Biological Chemistry
  • Chemistry, molecular biology, and neuroscience of chemosensory signals and receptors in mammal, insect, plant, and microorganism
Faculty name
Touhara, Kazushige (Professor)
Tachikawa, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)
Ihara, Sayoko (Assistant Professor)

Food Science

Analytical Chemistry
  • Bioinorganic chemistry of biological and environmental systems
Faculty name
Suzuki, Michio (Professor)
Nutrition Chemistry Faculty name
Kida, Satoshi (Professor)
Ishikawa, Rie (Assistant Professor)
Food Biochemistry
  • Molecular and cellular biological studies on lifestyle-related diseases
  • Search for food factors that prevent lifestyle-related diseases
Faculty name
Yamauchi, Yoshio (Associate Professor)
Takahashi, Yu (Assistant Professor)
Food Chemistry
  • Chemical, biochemical and molecular biological studies on intestinal function-modulating food substances
Faculty name
Uchida, koji (Professor)
Itakura, Masanori (Assistant Professor)
Food Biotechnology and Structural Biology
  • Biotechnology, structural biology and physicochemistry of proteins, enzymes and foods
Faculty name
Nagata, Koji (Professor)
Okuda, Suguru (Associate Professor)
Lu, Peng (Assistant Professor)

Social Cooperation Laboratory

Nutri-Life Science Faculty name
Shimizu, Makoto (Project Associate Professor)
Yamauchi, Yoshio (Project Associate Professor)
Health Nutrition
  • Molecular nutrition and functional genomics for the betterment of quality of life
Faculty name
Kato, Hisanori (Project Professor)
Jia, Hui-Juan (Project Associate Professor)

ILSI Japan-Endowed Chair

Functional Food Science
  • Functional genomics to investigate food-induced physiological responses
Faculty name
Okada, Shinji (Project Associate Professor)
Ishijima, Tomoko (Project Assistant Professor)

Nissin Food Products-Endowed Chair

Taste Science
  • Investigation of the molecular logic of sensory events for application to food quality design
Faculty name
Asakura, Tomiko (Project Professor)

Nippn-Endowed Chair

Food Functionality Science
  • Nutrients and food constituents
Faculty name
Kobayashi, Shoko (Project Associate Professor)

Department of Animal Resource Sciences

Cell Regulation

Cell Regulation
  • Signal transduction in cell proliferation, differentiation, and carcinogenesis
  • Molecular mechanisms in regulation of hormones’ action
Faculty name
Takahashi, Shin-Ichiro (Associate Professor)
Hakuno, Fumihiko (Associate Professor)

Department of Biotechnology

Biomolecular Research

Bioinformation Engineering
  • Computational biology, computational chemistry and bioinformatics
Faculty name
Shimizu, Kentaro (Professor)
Terada, Tohru (Associate Professor)
Moriwaki, Yoshitaka (Assistant Professor)
Molecular Biotechnology
  • Structure, function and localization of biological molecules
Faculty name
Adachi, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)
Synthetic Biology
  • Analysis and improvement of useful genes in microorganisms
Faculty name
Kuzuyama, Tomohisa (Professor)
Ogawa, Tetsuhiro (Assistant Professor)
Shiraishi,Taro(Assistant Professor)

Biofunctional Research

Fermentation and Microbiology
  • Genetic and protein engineering, bioactive substances
Faculty name
Ohnishi, Yasuo (Professor)
Katsuyama, Youhei (Associate Professor)
Tezuka, Takeaki (Assistant Professor)
  • Structure-function relationship of enzymes and proteins
Faculty name
Fushinobu, Shinya (Professor)
Arakawa, Takatoshi (Assistant Professor) Yamada, Chihaya (Assistant Professor)
  • Protein secretion in bacteria and fungi, neural network information
Faculty name
Yoshida, Minoru (Professor)
Arioka, Manabu (Associate Professor)
Nishimura, Shinichi (Lecturer)
Cellular Genetics
  • Regulation of macromolecular biosynthesis in microorganisms
Faculty name
Horiuchi, Hiroyuki (Professor)
Fukuda, Ryoichi (Associate Professor)
Iwama, Ryo (Assistant Professor)
Applied Microbiology
  • Application of diverse microbiological functions
Faculty name
shii, Masaharu (Professor)
Arai, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)
Kameya, Masafumi (Assistant Professor)

IFO-Endowed Chair

Microbial Metabolic Potential
  • Discovery of novel microbial metabolic pathways.
Faculty name
Onaka, Hiroyasu (Project Professor)
Asamizu, Shumpei (Project Lecturer)
Brewing Microbiology Faculty name
Maruyama, Junichi (Project Professor)
Katayama, Takuya (Project Assistant Professor)

Agro-Biotechnology Research Center

Environmental Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology of microorganisms and plant cells
Faculty name
Nojiri, Hideaki (Professor)
Okada, Kazunori (Associate Professor)
Suzuki-Minakuchi, Chiho (Assistant Professor)
Cell Biotechnology
  • Biosynthetic studies using biochemistry and structural biology
Faculty name
Nishiyama, Makoto (Professor)
Kosono, Saori (Associate Professor)
Yoshida, Ayako (Assistant Professor)
Plant Functional Biotechnology
  • Plant nutrient acquisition, Nodulation, Plant growth improvement
Faculty name
Yanagisawa, Shuichi (Professor)
Sakuraba, Yasuhito (Associate Professor)
Microbial Biotechnology (Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co.,Ltd.)
  • Post-translational modification and bacterial metabolism
Faculty name
Nishiyama, Makoto (Project Professor)
Tomita, Takeo (Project Associate Professor)
Microbial Membrane Transport Engineering (IFO) Faculty name
Kawasaki, Hisashi (Project Professor)
Shinoda, Keiko (Project Assistant Professor)
Hamamoto, Shin (Project Assistant Professor)

Social Cooperation Laboratory

Microbial Ecotechnology Faculty name
Ohnishi, Yasuo (Project Professor)
Nojiri, Hideaki (Project Professor)
Hara, Hirofumi (Project Associate Professor)
Suzuki,kenshi (Project Assistant Professor)
Yeast and Fermentation Faculty name
Horiuchi, Hiroyuki (Project Professor)
Noda, Yoichi (Project Associate Professor)

Radioisotope (RI) Center

Radio-Plant Physiology
  • Plant physiology based on original real-time radioisotope imaging method
Faculty name
Tanoi, Keitaro (Professor)
Kobayashi, Natsuko (Associate Professor)
Kurita, Yuko (Assistant Professor)

Research Center for Food Safety

Immunoregulation for Food Safety
  • Studies on intestinal immunity, food allergy, and immune regulation by foods
Faculty name
Hachimura, Satoshi (Associate Professor)

Agricultural Bioinformatics Research Unit

Bioinformation Analysis Faculty name
Kadota, Koji (Associate Professor)